Syrsly's Stream Schedule

Monday 8/10: Short stream! Playing some racing games with my G29 wheel! Showing you guys my Ikea purchases!

Wednesday 8/12: Another short stream! Trying out A Knight's Quest. Might play Control.

Friday 8/14: Broken Reality followed by some mixed reality prison stuff.

Satvrday 8/15: Streaming some Orbus this fine morning!

Regular Schedule

Sundays (sometimes): Coop with HistoryGal and other friends, sometimes play viewer games like Jackbox Party Packs.

Mondays: We're back to using Mondays as a non-VR day.

Wednesdays: Non-VR. Usually something from the backlog.

Fridays: Late night Beat Saber with some other VR title at the start.

Satvrdays: Very long VR stream day with a lunch break host. What? I gotta eat.

Backup Options

The following are some games I plan on playing in the near future which are currently available to me. If something else doesn't work or just isn't fun, I can use these games as a fallback plan.

Jackbox Party Pack 2/3/4, Conan Exiles, Rime, Inferno Climber, Seven, Rise Of Industry, Stars End, Hyper Parasite, Colony Siege, Outpost Zero, Primordia, Zelda BOTW (Wii U), Risk Of Rain 2, Doom Eternal, Overwatch, Fantasy Blacksmith, Infinite Dronin, Colony Siege, Woodle Tree 2, Mayhem in Single Valley: Confessions.

Clip Of The Month (Earn a free Twitch sub!)

At the end of every month, starting at the end of August 2020, I will be picking a favorite clip for that month and giving the person who made the clip a free subscription to my channel. If the person has a subscription already, I'll gift the sub to someone random in their honor. Please bookmark for a winners history and to view all our best clips from now on! (I'll be linking to the clips on twitch for now, but this is a way to organize them nicely.)